You are welcome to reserve our sauna raft, equipped with a wood-fired sauna, a hot tub and a grill hut.

The raft provides you with a wonderful view of the lake and the setting sun. The sauna will be heated when you arrive and can accommodate up to 15 people. The entire raft measures 7 x 15 meters and is anchored at Navudden.


The entire raft with cooking facilities
250 SEK per person for 4 hours at a minimun of 3000 SEK

Only the sauna
150 SEK per person for 2 hours at a minimun of 750 SEK

To make a reservation please call: +46 (0)706 25 18 52 or +46 (0)510 101 91

Good to know:

The raft is equipped with plates, glassware, cutlery and mugs.

Coffee that you can make over the open fire will be provided.

Please bring briquettes if you intend to barbecue, since the embers from the wood alone are not sufficient for this purpose.

Please mind the neighbors and keep noise to a minimum.