Try a kayak course, also suitable if you have tried kayaking a few times before.

We offer 2 hours try-out kayak courses at the kayak rental at Navensberg. Also suitable for people who have tried kayaking a few times before. The course’s focus is on getting acquainted with the kayak and other kayaking equipment as well as basic paddle techniques and safety.

You get to try paddling out on a little trip out into the archipelago with the leader.


If you want to continue paddling after you try the course, you can rent the kayak for the rest of the day at a reduced price. This is booked on site.

Time: Gathering at Navensberg, this course takes about 2 hours including time on land.

Included: Fully equipped kayak, paddle, life jacket, spraydeck and guide.

What to bring: Change of clothes (you will get wet) and a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, cap and shoes that can get wet/sandals.

The price includes: kayak, paddle, chapel, life jacket,  instructor

Prerequisites: No previous kayaking experience is needed. You have to be able to swim.

Minimum age 18 years or 15 years in the keeper’s company.