The course for paddlers who want to increase their knowledge of safety in the kayak.

A course for those who have been kayaking in the past and want to develop their knowledge in safety on the water. During the course we train to get up in the kayak after a flip. Under the guidance of an instructor, you will be given the opportunity to practice getting into the kayak from the water with the help of comrade rescue and on your own with the help of a float.

Time: This course takes about 3 hours including time on land.

The price includes: Fully equipped kayak, paddle, life jacket, spraydeck and instructor.

Prerequisites: No previous experience is needed but if you have paddled earlier it will be easier for you. You need to be able to swim.

What to bring: Change of clothes (you get wet during training of rescue methods) towel and waterbottle. If you have a dry suit or wetsuit it is good to bring.

Other good thing to bring: Sunscreen, sunglasses, cap and shoes / sandals that can get wet.