A little more comprehensive course for those who want to learn to paddle kayak with a focus on safety.

The course is for those who want to learn to paddle and feel safer when you are out on the water. The focus of the course is safety. You will learn how to get up in the kayak with the help of assisted rescues rescue and also try to get yourself up if you have capsized. We practice paddling with and without rudder. We go through several different paddle roofs to be able to navigate the kayak in a safe way.

Course duration about 4 hours whit a coffee break

Bring with you: Change clothes, (you will get wet) and towel

Good to have: Sunscreen, sunglasses, cap and obscure shoes / sandals.

Prerequisites: No previous kayaking experience is needed.

Able to swim.

Minimum age 18 years or 15 years in the parent’s company