This is a trip for the whole family. You can paddle an adult and a child or two smaller children in a double kayak or two adults and one to two small children in the middle of a triple kayak.

This tour is adapted to take the whole family on. Before we leave, we go through the basics of kayaking. The tour is like a try-out kayaking class for the whole family, we believe that after this tour you will become so comfortable that at a later date you will kayak as a family without a guide. We paddle out in the immediate area at a slow pace and discover everything that is around us. After about 1 hour we go ashore on an island and have a snack, then turn around and head home. The trip takes a total of 2 hours including time on land, each kayak must have at least one adult.

Time: This trip starts at Navensberg and takes about 2 hours including time on land.

What to bring: Adapt clothes to weather. It is good to have a water bottle and and sun protection.

Good to know: 1 adult and 1-2 children share a double kayak, 2 adults and 1-2 children share a triple kayak.

The price includes: kayak, paddle, spraydeck, life jacket and guide.

Prerequisites: You do not need any experience for this tour, we go through the basics. You need to be able to swim.