This is a trip for the whole family. You can paddle an adult and a child or two smaller children in a double kayak or two adults and one to two small children in the middle of a triple kayak.

This tour is adapted to take the whole family on. Before we leave, we go through the basics of kayaking. The tour is like a try-out kayaking class for the whole family, we believe that after this tour you will become so comfortable that at a later date you will kayak as a family without a guide. We paddle out in the immediate area at a slow pace and discover everything that is around us. After about 1 hour we go ashore on an island and have a snack, then turn around and head home. The trip takes a total of 2 hours including time on land, each kayak must have at least one adult.

Duration: 2 hours

Location: The kayak rental at Naven.

Included: Fully equipped double kayak, paddle, life jacket, spraydeck, guide and swedish fika(if you have a special diet write it in the comment in the booking).

What to bring: Change of clothes (if you get wet), swimwear and towel. Water bottle

Experience: No previous experience of kayaking is required. The adult needs to be able to swim.

Good to know: Children under the age of 15 paddle with an adult in a double or triple kayak. The children who participate need to be able to sit still in the kayak for about 30 minutes. You are counted as an adult from 15 years. Not sure what to wear? Dress as you would for a lighter workout. If you use glasses, keep in mind that they can fall off so bring a spectacle cord (We have spectacle cords for sale at the kayak rental).

Good to have: Sunscreen, sunglasses, cap, sandals or slippers, rain jacket or windbreaker.